Migration Packages:

2D/3D Pre-stack Time and Depth Migration

We have a broad portfolio of seismic migration algorithms to support a wide range of imaging objectives. Complex wave phenomena, target-oriented and wide azimuth seismic acquisitions, and extended velocity model descriptions that incorporate anisotropy must be supported by pre-stack imaging solutions.

SeisLink offers a full range of 3D pre-stack time and depth migration methods, with velocity model building using innovative and practical iDepthing well calibration and reflection tomography. SeisLink's Earth imaging solutions include curved-ray pre-stack time migration, flexible, Kirchhoff depth migration, reverse time migration. Collectively, these migrations can be applied to solve a wide range of imaging objectives, such as salt overhang, sub-salt, thrust fault, fault shadows, and rugged terrain imaging, and accommodate a variety of imaging acquisitions, including wide angle and wide azimuth, OBC and other multi-channel recordings.

Migrations include special support for high performance computing, including cluster configurations, such as Linux clusters and symmetric configurations with multiple CPUs.


Sample input and output
Input Output
Two successful wells drilled
under salt overhang
Reverse time migration – BP data

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