iP3 Pore Pressure Analysis:

iP3 offers tools for well-based pore pressure analysis and 3D pore pressure prediction by integrating well, seismic and geological information.

iP3-Well: Well-based pore pressure analysis – Interactive graphic pore pressure prediction from sonic and resistivity logs.



iP3-3D: 3D Pressure Analysis – Interactive graphic pore pressure prediction from 3D seismic velocity volume, geology and well calibrations


IP3-3D1: Well log based pore pressure analysis IP3-3D2: 3D pore pressure analysis from seismic velocity and logs
iP3-3D3: Interactive 3D view of interval velocity volume iP3-3D4:  Composite overburden volume on stratigraphic grid
iP3-3D5: Normal compaction trend volume on stratigraphic grid  from geostatistical interpolation of well calibrations iP3-3D6:  Predicted pore pressure volume

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