Pore Pressure Services

Conventional Log-Based Pore Pressure Analysis

Pore pressure and fracture stress are predicted based on calibrations at well locations. Our proprietary interactive software, iP3-Well, allows flexible modeling and inversion of stress responses. Unloading is properly handled with depth-dependent formula.  Features include:

Extraction of shale sonic trend based on lithology log Compositing density profile from density log, sonic prediction and shallow density formula
Pore pressure gradient prediction from shale sonic trend 3D view of sonic-density-depth crossplot for detecting unloading


3D Pore Pressure Prediction

Accurate 3D pore pressure prediction requires accurate 3D velocity model and accurate velocity-pore pressure transformation. Seislink’s state-of-the arts iDepth velocity modeling methodology integrates seismic tomography, pre-stack depth migration, well calibration, geology, engineering and geostatistics. SeisLink’s versatile well pressure analysis iP3-Well provides sophisticated calibration of velocity-pore pressure transformation.

SeisLink’s proprietary 3D pore pressure prediction software, iP3-3D, integrates the velocity model, calibrated velocity-pore pressure transformation, and available geological and well information. Advanced geostatistics and stratigraphic gridding ensure the geological consistency of the prediction. The predicted 3D pore pressure volume is ideal for pre-drill planning as well as prospect generation and evaluation. Features include:


Calibrated seismic interval velocity volume Predicted pore pressure volume



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