SeisLink Corporation has developed software for 3D seismic imaging, pore pressure prediction and time-to-depth conversion, which can be leased to Exploration and Production (E&P) companies for a definite drilling advantage. Based on our 30 years of combined experience in R&D and technology services, we developed advanced velocity model building software packages:

Training and in-sourcing arrangements may be negotiated.

All of SeisLink’s algorithms are developed in-house by our research and development staff. The velocity modeling tools have been developed and thoroughly tested by major vendors such as TGS Nopec and Geotrace for reprocessing hundreds of blocks. An integral part of our development effort is utilizing the latest computer technology built specifically for storage and processing large amounts of seismic data. Our pre-stack depth migration algorithms are optimized to take full advantage of these developments

System Requirements:

Licensing Options:

Licenses can be used on any of the platforms listed above. All products can be purchased under the two following license types:

Please contact Serge Merland at for more information, including price quotes, financing options, and leasing terms.

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