Time Imaging Services

Pre-Stack Time Migration

Remarkable enhancements were observed in pre-stack time migration results by using iDEPTHing velocities and curved-ray Kirchhoff Pre-stack Time Migration (PSTM). Starting with DMO velocity picks, Vrms were conditioned by editing, trend fitting for vertical and aerial gradients, and calibration with check-shot data. New PSTM sections below show enhanced imaging and excellent marker ties. PSTM results were converted to depth with iDEPTHing average velocities. Summit Energy drilled a successful well in a new oil compartment onshore in south Louisiana, finding significant thickness of pay sands.


Old PSTM (upper) and new PSTM (lower),
which shows excellent well marker ties

Synthetic Tie Along the Well Path

The result of Pre-Stack Time Migration shows excellent ties with synthetics generated from well reflectivity (see the following Figure). It demonstrated that excellent ties were achieved by iDEPTHing which will impact significantly on seismic attribute analysis and seismic trace inversion.

Synthetic ties between seismic and well reflectivity

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