Who We Are

The management team at SeisLink consists of industry veterans involved in seismic imaging, pore pressure prediction, AVO, rock property modeling, algorithm development and implementation of hardware solutions. Prior to joining SeisLink the management team served major oil companies where each was involved in all aspects of exploration.

SeisLink novel technologies have been put to the test over the last 15 years with successful drilling results. Many successful wells have been drilled in some of the most complex geology imaginable.


SeisLink is an E&P technology specialist that reduces your risks in oil and gas exploration. Our purpose is to provide a full suite of technical services for successful drilling.

With our highly experienced staff and proprietary technologies in depth imaging, time-to-depth conversion and pore pressure prediction, we are dedicated to solving E&P problems and providing the most reliable seismic interpretation for drilling in complex areas.

SeisLink's technologies are geared towards building geologically feasibleā€š velocity models. These technologies were initially developed at Unocal Corporation during a period of unprecedented drilling success, and were later extended and refined at SeisLink, which was established as a company in early 2000.  Our goal is to use technologies to maximize exploration efforts in areas where 3D seismic and well data are available. Since its incorporation, SeisLink has executed numerous complex depth-imaging projects for clients, yielding successful exploration programs in several geographical regions.

How does the Oil and Gas Industry take advantage of these technologies?

  1. Strategic technology development for a specific basin for national oil companies
  2. Key software development and licensing for oil companies
  3. Superior time-to-depth services for development well placement
  4. Seismic imaging, including equity sharing options
  5. Reverse time migration and reflection tomography for sub-salt imaging
  6. Pore pressure prediction for safer drilling
  7. Rock property modeling for prioritizing projects


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